Dog Tags | Engraved Pet ID


We all love our dogs. So naturally, we want to protect them. Keeping your four-legged friend safe and healthy means providing them with a loving home, good food, plenty of water, and lots of exercise. But no matter how much we care for our pets, they can still end up lost from time to time, and when that happens you want to have a fail-safe method for bringing them home as fast as possible.

There are a few ways to ensure a quick reunion with your best buddy, but the oldest and best is the use of dog tags. Securing a personalized ID to the collar of your pet is still the most reliable form of bringing your dog home should they get out and run away. Another effective and very popular method is microchipping, but while this is a much more technologically-advanced option it still has some disadvantages. A stranger or passerby who sees your dog may not realize the animal is missing and could dismiss it as a stray.

Dog tags are a quick and dependable indicator to others that the dog roaming loose on the streets has wandered away from home. The faster you can let people know that your pet needs assistance, the faster your pet can be brought home safely.

What Information Should Be on a Dog Tag?

When it comes to the information on a dog tag, focus on the essentials. A big challenge here is fitting all of the most important information inside a limited amount of space. Dog tags are small for a reason, since they need to go around your pet's neck without hindering movement, causing injury, or annoying your pup to the point of an attempted removal through chewing, biting, or scratching at the tag.

So you have a small amount of surface space and a lot of information that you need to include. Here are some of the things you should consider adding to the tag:

The Name of Your Pet

This one is rather obvious, especially if your dog responds to his or her name. It's also a sure-fire way for someone to know this is the lost dog that you are looking to bring home.

Phone Number

Make it the number that is most likely to be answered should a stranger call to let you know they've seen your dog, or have them at their house. You could also include an alternate number to ensure that whoever calls about your pup will get in contact with you.

Medical Issues

If your dog has any urgent medical care requirements it's a very good idea to include these on the tag as well. This way, anyone who finds your pet knows to contact you ASAP, and if your pooch is in dire need of attention, your pet can easily be brought to a vet or medical professional to administer aid.


Some people may be a little wary of putting their full address on the dog tags of their pet. If this is you, just include the city in which you live to expedite a reunion.

Microchip Information

If your pet has a microchip, it's a good idea to include this on your dog tags. That way an effort can be made to reunite you and your pet in the event the finders are having trouble reaching you via phone.

Additional Information

If space allows, you might want to add a personal touch to the tag. Something that lets people know that if they see your pet without you by its side, it may be lost. Some owners will also indicate that a reward is being offered for the safe return of their pet. If you have the financial capability to do so, consider including a reward on your dog tags.

Is an Engraved Pet ID Tag Best?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! Engraved dog tags are designed to last so that your pet’s information will always be as easy to read as the day you received it. That’s why we offer free engraving on all of our dog tags! No one wants to worry that their pup will be lost forever because their dog tag was old and worn down. Choosing an engraved pet ID is the best way to ensure that the information on your dog’s tag remains legible.

Engraved dog tags are also your best bet for ensuring that your pet is returned quickly and safely because it allows for the information to be properly etched into the surface to maintain legibility. The wrong time to discover that it's hard to read your dog tags is when your pet has disappeared.

Choosing a tag that utilizes other materials such as pen and paper inside of a leather or plastic tag presents a wide array of potential problems. These dog tags are more susceptible to damage due to weather, rough-housing with other dogs, or your own pup turning its attention towards playing with the tag or yanking it off entirely.

You don't have to worry about these issues with an engraved pet ID. The information is printed into the surface of the tag and you won't have to worry about it getting wiped away for any reason. If you have an energetic pooch, there is a chance that your dog tags could become scratched or worn down after an extended period of time. So consider having a second set on hand, just in case the first sustains some damage or the tag is lost for whatever reason. Plus, when you order 2 Two Tails tags for your pup, you’ll automatically get 25% off!

Do Dogs Need ID Tags?

Dog tags are a vital tool for keeping your pet fully protected from his or her own worst instincts. By nature, dogs are curious, rambunctious, and willful. If they see something they want (especially something they can chase after) you can bet their first instinct is to bolt without any warning. Whether it's at the dog park, on a sidewalk stroll, or even in your own home or yard, if your dog sees something that grabs their attention, they’ll want to pursue it.

This is one of the major reasons so many dogs go missing each year. A pet gets out and runs away, and after wandering around the animal is no longer able to find its way back home. This puts the health and well-being of your dog at risk. But when your pet is wearing a set of dog tags, you increase the odds of your pet being return back home unharmed.

Some pet owners will microchip their dogs for this same purpose. There's no denying that microchipping has brought home many beloved pets who have embarked on an impromptu adventure. However, you're dealing with additional steps required for determining where Fido belongs and how to get him there. A microchip only works if the individual who finds your dog brings him or her to a pet clinic or animal shelter.

That might actually reduce the chances of your pet being found successfully because a lot of people just aren't going to have the time or the desire to catch your pet, load him or her up into the car, find the nearest clinic or shelter, drive over there, and bring them in.

On the other hand, an easy to read tag around your pet's neck is a quick solution towards bringing your lost dog back home. The person who finds your pet only has to call the number on the tag and tell you they have found your dog and where he or she is located. No need for extra steps since the pet ID tag has provided all your contact information at a glance, making it easy for whoever has found your dog to reach you. Before you know it, you and your dog will be reunited.

A set of dog tags might also make passersby more likely to come near your pet and try to engage with the animal to read the pet tags that are attached. With dog tags around your pooch’s neck, that person will know your pet isn't a stray and can be quick to contact you

How Do I Choose The Best Dog Tag For My Dog?

You can find pet tags in a variety of materials. The following are some of the best options that are available to use for creating the best dog tags for you and your pet:

Brass Dog Tags

Brass is an excellent choice for dog tags as it’s a resilient material that will stand the test of time. All Two Tails dog tags are made with brass and are designed to withstand even the roughest puppy playdates. The biggest drawback to brass tags is that there is often a limited number of shapes and sizes available, but at Two Tails you can choose from a wide variety of the most unique dog tags on the market.

Aluminum Dog Tags

This is one of the most popular choices for dog tags because it's lightweight and offers plenty of versatility for choosing the shape and size you want for your pet ID tag. The downside to these tags is that they are not as durable as their brass and stainless steel counterparts.

Stainless Steel Dog Tags

When you want a material that is built to last, no matter how active or destructive your dog's tendencies might be, stainless steel can withstand just about any type of abuse your pooch can dish out. However, there is a limited number of sizes and shapes that are available for these tags. Another drawback to this style is the higher price point for the material.