Unique Dog Names - 95 Unique Names for Your Pup

Unique Dog Names - 95 Unique Names for Your Pup - July 2024 - Two Tails Pet Company

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A unique dog name is an instant conversation starter. Picture this: you're at the local dog park when someone hears you call out your dog's interesting or weird name. They ask, "how did you come up with that?", and just like that you've made a new friend. 

Naming your dog is a chance to express their unique character and your own personal flair. It's a testament to the bond you share, your pet’s individuality, and your own creativity. While each breed has unique characteristics, your dog has its very own personality that deserves to be celebrated. And so do you!

So, why settle for a name like “Fido” or "Max"? Instead, pick a name that reflects yours and your dog's unique spirit. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, there's a name out there to capture your pet's essence.

We've compiled a list of almost 100 unique dog names to help you get started.

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Unique & Cute Dog Names

All dogs are unique, but they're also all cute. When naming your Pomeranian, you might prefer a name that highlights how adorable she is rather than something like "Frankenstein". Or maybe you like Frankenstein, we're not here to judge!

Here are 30 unique, but cute dog name ideas:

  1. Ace
  2. Cocoa
  3. Gizmo
  4. Harley
  5. Jasper
  6. Addie
  7. Lady
  8. Lucky
  9. Mia
  10. Nala
  11. Chewbacca
  12. Duke
  13. Frankie
  14. Georgia
  15. Indiana
  16. Jack
  17. Jax
  18. Lola
  19. Maggie
  20. Marley
  21. Maya
  22. Merlin
  23. Milo
  24. Mochi
  25. Molly
  26. Murphy
  27. Muttley
  28. Ollie
  29. Peanut
  30. Penny

Unique Dog Names Based On Breed

There's over 340 different breeds of dogs, and each one has its own set of characteristics. If you're looking for a unique dog name that's also breed-specific, here's 30 ideas to get you started.

  1. Affenpinscher - Frito
  2. Australian Cattle Dog - Blue
  3. Australian Shepherd - Boomer
  4. Basenji - Cairo
  5. Beagle - Marley
  6. Boxer - Tyson
  7. Bulldog - Winston
  8. Chihuahua - Duke
  9. Cocker Spaniel - Max
  10. Dachshund - Oscar
  11. English Springer Spaniel - Bella
  12. German Shepherd - Thor
  13. Golden Retriever - Simon
  14. Goldendoodle - Curly
  15. English Cream Golden Retriever - Sandwiches
  16. Great Dane - Zeus
  17. Greyhound - Apollo
  18. Jack Russell Terrier - Jax
  19. Labrador Retriever - Rocky
  20. Maltese - Mia
  21. Tiny Toy Maltese - Franklin
  22. Pomeranian - Pippa
  23. Poodle - Fifi
  24. Portuguese Water Dog - Pepsi
  25. Rottweiler - Rolly
  26. Saint Bernard - Hoss
  27. Samoyed - Sam
  28. Schipperke - Bandit
  29. Scottish Terrier - Angus
  30. Shiba Inu - Shiba

Unique Dog Names Inspired By Your Interests

A name inspired by your interests both capture your dog's personality and reflect personal passions. Nod to your love of nature, with a name like "Arbor", show your love of music with a name like "Treble", or use a slang word from your culture's language. 

Here's 35 more unique dog names, inspired by different interesting elements:


  1. Artie - After the great artist Vincent van Gogh.
  2. Beethoven - After the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
  3. Bowie - After the iconic singer David Bowie.
  4. Hemingway - After the great author, Ernest Hemingway.
  5. Indi - After the great film director, Steven Spielberg.
  6. Jagger - After the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.
  7. Lennon - After the iconic singer John Lennon.
  8. Liberty - After the Statue of Liberty.
  9. Mao - After the Chinese Communist leader, Mao Zedong.
  10. Marley - After the iconic reggae singer Bob Marley.


  1. Austen - After the great author, Jane Austen.
  2. Bronte - After the great authors' Charlotte and Emily Bronte.
  3. Chaucer - After the great author, Geoffrey Chaucer.
  4. Dickens - After the great author, Charles Dickens.
  5. Donne - After the great author, John Donne.
  6. Eliot - After the great author, T.S. Eliot.
  7. Keats - After the great author, John Keats.
  8. Kipling - After the great author, Rudyard Kipling.
  9. Orwell - After the great author, George Orwell.
  10. Harry - After the great wizard, Harry Potter.


  1. Achilles - After the great Greek warrior.
  2. Apollo - After the Greek god of the sun.
  3. Ares - After the Greek god of war.
  4. Artemis - After the Greek goddess of the hunt.
  5. Athena - After the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  6. Demeter - After the Greek goddess of agriculture.
  7. Hades - After the Greek god of the underworld.
  8. Hermes - After the Greek god of commerce.
  9. Hestia - After the Greek goddess of the home.
  10. Zeus - After the Greek god of the sky.


  1. Avalanche - After a type of landslide.
  2. Blaze - After a kind of wildfire.
  3. Blizzard - After a type of severe snowstorm.
  4. Delta - After a type of landform.
  5. Ember - After a type of glowing coal.

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Things To Consider When Naming Your Dog

A dog's name is a lifelong commitment, for you and your furry friend. Before making a final decision, consider the following:

  • Simplicity: Opt for a name that's short and easy to understand. Dogs often respond better to one or two syllable names.
  • Distinctiveness: Choose a name that doesn't sound like a command to avoid confusion during training.
  • Positive Association: Choose a name with a positive sound or meaning to foster a positive relationship with your pet.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're drawn to a name that nods to your love of nature, one that pays tribute to a favorite artist or author, or just a weird random word, the perfect name is out there. Embrace the journey, let your creativity shine, and you're guaranteed give your best friend the perfect unique dog name. In the world of dog names, the only limit is your imagination.

If you're still stuck on finding the perfect unique dog name, visit twotailspetcompany.com for more ideas! We have plenty of resources to help you find a great name for your furry friend. 

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