10 Best Dog Christmas Gifts

10 Best Dog Christmas Gifts - May 2024 - Two Tails Pet Company

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Choosing a gift for your special furry someone? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of dog Christmas gifts that will have your pup lookin’ good, feelin’ good, and ready to trot.

The holidays are about giving to those you love, and who better to provide for than your favorite furry friend? We know it can be challenging to think outside the box around the holidays, especially when you spoil your pup year-round (we all do it!). We aim to make howliday shopping easy and fun for you! This way, you can spend more time cuddling your pup and less time worrying about what to stuff in their stocking.

Did we mention how pawsitively adorable these gifts are? We can't imagine you'd want to look elsewhere—and you don't have to.

#1: It’s time to make “fetch” happen

That is So Fetch Pet ID Tag

This one’s for the dogs that like to play hard and look good doing it! Gretchen Wieners might not have been able to make fetch happen, but we just know your pup can set that trend. Trendsetters and ball players need look no further—this tag has got you covered.

#2: These boots were made for walkin’

Rubber Dipped Dog Sock Boots in Black

Those cold winter nights will have any dog skipping from paw to paw to catch a break from the icy ground. These rubber-dipped boots will keep your pup's paws warm, dry, and safe from slipping. The velcro strap ensures the boots stay right where they need to be: between your pup’s pads and the ice below! They come in sizes XS–XXXL—perfect for any sized pup.

#3: Say cheese!

Stinkin' Cute Pet ID Tag

Linking this sturdy tag to your dog’s collar will prepare them for every holiday photo you throw their way! One glance at their collar will have you grinning from ear to ear. Never mind that they can’t ever find the camera when you need them to look—this tag absolves them of any bad photos. Not that they aren’t the star of every single snapshot you include them in. 

#4: Let me lead the way

Rope Leash – Matcha

Are you walking the dog, or is the dog walking you? This sturdy rope leash will keep you tethered to your special furry friend. The matcha color is reminiscent of the warm drink waiting for you at home when you return from outside.

#5: The holidays call for extra treats

Treat Yo Self Pet ID Tag

Now is as perfect of a time as ever to remind yourself and your pup what life is truly about—spreading holiday cheer! How could you possibly say no to your floofer’s best puppy-dog eyes with this tag glinting on their collar? Let it serve as a friendly reminder that we all deserve the finer things in life, including plenty of treats!

#6: Walkin’ in a winter wonderland

Collar – Red Plaid Tartan Winter Wonderland

The holidays really aren’t complete without a festive dog collar, and the name of this one really says it all. Think of snuggling up to your furry friend in a cozy flannel blanket with a collar to match! We can almost taste the hot chocolate and peppermint candy canes—can you?

#7: Spread the holiday cheer

Pawsitivity Pet ID Tag

Nothing screams “Happy Holidays” more than a reminder to consider the bowl half full. The excited pup waiting at the door when you return from a long holiday shopping day deserves this in their stocking.

#8: The best fireside cuddler

Denim Donut Bed

This is for the pups who like to relax in style and comfort. Who are we to deny their independence as they lounge by the fire? This durable donut bed will have any dog snoozing away well before you can say “Happy Howlidays!” for your holiday greeting card.

#9: Every good pup deserves a home for Christmas

Adopt Don't Shop Pet ID Tag

They say that it’s truly the pup that saves you, not the other way around. We fully agree. This “Adopt Don’t Shop” tag reminds us that we can help any dog find a warm home for the holidays. The best way to celebrate the holidays is to remind everyone that your pup was a gift straight from Santa!

#10: Dreaming of warmer days

Rio – Bandana

We get it; the cold can be unbearable in the dead of winter when the sun seems to set before you can make it home from work. Coming home to a happy pup with a bandana reminiscent of a warmer climate can make the cold night more bearable. Make sure to cuddle close!

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